Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cache Junkie Vintage - Vintage Adornments for All Occasions

When I first started my vintage shop on Etsy, I had intended to sell vintage fabrics, supplies and other vintage pretties for the home. Then I started finding wonderful vintage jewelry and shifted my focus to baubles. However, Cache Junkie Vintage has blossomed into so much more and I couldn't be happier!

Once I found the vintage tuxedo I was instantly hooked on vintage clothing. I tried on the jacket and it fit perfectly. It had that heft to it that spoke of high quality fabric and construction. As I examined it I knew that it had to have been custom made. Of course I was going to buy it! I also found a pair of peep-toe black satin slingbacks and, like fate, they were in my size. I found several other great vintage pieces that day, as well. Those finds really launched my passion for vintage fashion!

So many people I have known who were vintage clothing addicts had a flair for the unique. They'd combine colorful, unusual pieces together for a unique look that just wasn't my style. But once I starting finding classic pieces that were well-made and easy to wear with today's styles, I really became hooked. Or, perhaps a more suitable description would be, "addicted."

My biggest hurdle is letting go of some of the pieces I really love! Case in point, I just finally made myself list this gorgeous tuxedo today. I've had it for months!

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  1. hi tonya,
    thanks so much for your comments on my blog.
    have a great weekend.

    looks like this was made just for you :)